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About Us




Safe Test  are experts when it comes to electrical safety testing. Safe Test provides a broad range of services, including appliance test and tag, three phase testing, microwave testing, and portable RCD testing. We work with various industries, from mining and construction to offices, schools, and hospitality, ensuring that every workplace meets Australian AS/NZS 3760 electrical safety standards.

Safe Test are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer services, striving to go above and beyond for its customers, providing exceptional service at a very affordable price.

Safe Test serves businesses across all of Adelaide and surrounding areas. We are happy to provide Our Test & Tag services across Australia if requested.


           Talk to our expert on : 0407 545 521

What can we do for you?

All equipment tests include

Earth leakage
Polarity test
Insulation test
Earth continuity (class 1 equipment)

Your comprehensive report will include:

Detailed asset register
Test date- next due date
Re-test schedule

Microwave radiation leakage and wattage usage.

Radiation leakage test
Visual inspection
Standard class 1 AS/NZS 3760 tests

Working With Excellent

Our Professional Services

We providing a wide area of specialty services listed below.

Single Phase Testing

Three Phase Testing

RCD Push Button Testing


Microwave Leakage Testing